Need Self Improvement? Ask These 10 Daily Questions to Yourself

The true self-improvement comes from your own realization, but how can you achieve it? Important daily questions to ask yourself can be the first steps toward improvement. Answering questions will “force” you to reflect and look at your day with a different perspective. However, you need to know the right question to ask.

Don’t wait to improve your way of living. Start by asking these 10 questions every day.

1. How do I feel today?

Start your day by being mindful of your own condition. Sit for a while on the bed, and without looking at your phone, ask this question to yourself. If your answer is dominated by negativity, think more deeply to find the root of the problem. For example, if you feel tired all the time, think about how your time management affects sleep schedule.

2. What important thing should I focus on today?

Make mindful checking of daily priorities you must do today. Think about things that should get your priorities, from answering urgent emails to sending meaningful birthday messages to a loved one. Learn to separate between what’s really important and not.

3. What things can I do differently today?

Mundane routine can make your life monotonous and “grey”. Try thinking about doing small changes. For example, you can think about changing your route to work, trying a different meal or place for lunch, or apply unique strategies when working on a project.

4. What challenges can I tackle today?

Thinking about life challenges can dampen your spirit. However, you can make yourself better by working on small challenges in daily life. Think about certain paperwork you must tackle, design parts to make, or daily parenting responsibilities to finish that day. Imagine how you can tackle them, so you can feel prepared when facing them.

5. How do I love myself today?

Loving yourself is important for mental health. However, our busy lifestyle often does not give opportunities to do this. Ask about things you can do that day for yourself. It can be something small, such as choosing a healthier lunch option or drinking more water. It can also be something bigger, such as starting to refuse personal requests that usually burden you.

6. How to show that I care?

Maintaining a positive relationship with family, friends, or colleagues is important for social connection and mental health. If you are not an expressive type, asking this question will help you find the best way to express care. Think about greeting your friends at work with more joyful attitude. Say thanks to your parents or spouse for always being there.

7. Am I using my time effectively?

Ask this question during the middle part of the day. This is important to reflect on how you use time. Poor time management can cause problems such as stress, lack of sleep, and poor daily performance. By recounting everything you do during the day (and how you work on them), you can reflect on your way of using time.

8. Am I feeling stress/anxious/negative?

Stress, anxiety, and other negativity can creep in a subtle way during the day. When negativity piles up without being handled, it can cause psychological problems later. Think about how many times you feel angry, overwhelmed, or anxious during the day. When you start realizing it, take some time to relax. Wash your face, drink water, make some tea, and do short breathing exercise on your chair.

9. What made me angry/stressed out/anxious today?

At the end of the day, think about things that really made you angry or stressed out. When reflecting at these things, you will understand things that need to be fixed or reduced.

10. What made me happy and grateful?

Close your day by thinking about things that made you happy, joyful, amused, or grateful. Recount all those situations, things, or activities, such as a compliment from your boss, a beautiful sunny day, or delicious menu options for lunch. Focus on these positive aspects of your day before you sleep.

Tips to Improve Self with Daily Questions

Prepare a journal or personal notebook to recount your days. Start writing your journal in the morning by jotting down the answers to your questions. Repeat the process at the end of the day. This journal will become your personal improvement “document”, and you can review it every few weeks to see your progress.

When writing in your journal at the end of the day, don’t forget to write down things that make you feel negative and positive. This information is useful to do a daily check of your mental health and stress level. If you experience psychological problems, such as depression or anxiety disorder, this journal can be an intervention tool. Your therapist can use the information to find the best solution.

Start Asking Questions Today!

This list of daily question to ask yourself is a basic guide. You can add additional questions or edit them to suit your daily activities. However, by starting from this list, you can start working on self-improvement. Remember, long-term improvements start from your own efforts.