Choosing attic stairs needs to take the careful consideration. There are many types of stairs. Each of them offers different benefits and lack. Now, this article will give a brief explanation about wooden stairs, which you can choose to be installed for the attic.


The first type is LWN stairs. It provides non slippery steps and beige hatch. If you are looking for simple installation, this type definitely will suit your preference. This ladder is suitable for any areas which do not need insulated attic ladder.



LWP is the second wooden attic stairs type. This one also comes in simple installation. Compared to the previous type, LWP offers more features. It has peripheral gasket and handrail. It is also claimed to have non-slip steps. The difference between LWP and LWN stairs is that LWP can be fold in three sections. The lid is insulated. Moreover, it also has seal that’s lined the perimeter of frame.


For the last wooden stairs type, there is LWF. It also provides non-slip steps and handrail features. This stair has plastic ends. Furthermore, there are two features that you can get only from this stair, while the other wooden stairs do not have. They are fire resistant feature and three peripheral gaskets. If you plan to have stairs with better safety, this one can be a good choice to take. The peripheral seal it has will expand when it detects extreme heat. Then, it will seal the hatch as well as the fire-free storey. Moreover, you can also fold this stairs in three sections.


Those are three types of wooden stair for an attic. With different offers of benefit, they go in different price for sure. Therefore, it is also important to pick the suitable attic stairs type, which is safe for your pocket as well.

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