There are many types of attic ladder. If you are planning on renewing or just making your attic, deciding a suitable ladder will need a careful consideration. As a help for that case, here is the explanation for some most common ladders. This article will only cover specifically for the fire rated ladder.


On the first list, there is LWF ladder. This type has plastic ends and three peripheral gaskets, which can expand when it is facing extreme heat. The special feature from this type is fire resistant white hatch and non-slip steps. The hatch is specially produced by using fireproof materials. Moreover, this ladder also comes with handrail and additional accessories.



Secondly, there is LSF type. Same as before, it also comes with fire resistant with hatch feature. This attic ladder type has white metal trim. For the steps, it is claimed to be non-slippery and has the possibility of detaching or adding the steps. One benefit you can get is the system lets this ladder to adopt the height of any ceiling. Therefore, you do not need to worry thinking whether it can reach your ceiling and floor perfectly or not.


Last, there is DWF type. If you are looking for a quick installation, this one will be your best choice. The special feature is it can give you the access for unused spaces under stair wells or even crawl spaces. It has fire resistant feature as well for both sides. The sash is also insulated thermally, which can make it as an excellent barrier to reduce heat loss.


Those are all the explanation for ladder options for your attic. Besides all these three, there are still many more types of ladder for an attic. It is highly hoped that it can ease you in choosing suitable attic ladder, at least for the one with fire resistance feature.

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