Music is one of the most popular types of entertainment. With various genres, it can bring a variety of atmosphere in the house. Therefore, contemporary houses are usually equipped with audio system equipment, such as radio, tape, and home theater. The use of audio equipment can take up space if it is not neatly arranged. Unorganized arrangement is also at risk of accelerating damage to the audio components. Therefore, a special place is needed to put the audio component, which is called as audio component rack.



Well, audio component rack, as the name implies, is a rack of various sizes used to store audio components. The size varies, according to the type of audio system you owned. Of course, the racks are large because the size of home theater is not small. However, the racks for AV recorders or media streamers are smaller.


In addition, the material used as the main constituent material also varies. Usually, classic-style homes will tend to choose shelves made of wood. In contrast, the homes with modern styles will definitely choose shelves made of steel, metal or glass. The constituent material will usually affect the shape of shelf. Moreover, wooden shelves have more carvings and slots. This is inversely proportional to modern glass shelves because in general, it is made more elegant, plain with a little carving, and does not have too many slots.


In addition, the use of audio component rack at this time is more emphasized to show off various equipment, not only audio, but also media equipment. You just need to choose a shelf that fits your taste, adjusting the suitability of rack design with the style of media components you have at home. Therefore, if you have an audio system that’s worth displaying, don’t forget to complete it with the right racks.


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