The audio devices and speaker need reliable rack. This is where you rely on audio racks. This kind of furniture is specifically for audio players, including various speakers. The design is simple with modern touch. Moreover, the functionality is priority, but designer and manufacturer still add the artistic touch. Several models are available to fulfill your preference.


Open rack style is the most common product for audio. It uses four pillars in each corner and few layered shelves. You can have only one-layer shelves that’s slightly at the bottom, but the big space at the top. It is for big speaker and usually portable with wheels. Your audio player is installed countertop. The design is functional with tinted glass as the shelves. The next design has two or three layered shelves. It is like previous one, but with more shelves for various audio devices. You can put speaker at the first and second shelves then the media player at the top but still under countertop.


Other audio racks utilize half-closed style. When playing music, audio from the speaker will boost toward at the front direction. You don’t want to lose the audio because you cannot reach entire room properly. In that case, the speaker has to be located in the rack that holds audio from turning back into opposite direction. This is where the rack uses holder and separator at backside. For advanced model, this holder is capable to remove if you intend to put two speakers to face the different direction.


Well, all racks use tinted glass for shelves. There is the reason why this material is for audio rack. The glass is better to keep the audio from scattered and disperse randomly. Moreover, the solid material is very strong to control the audio wave. As the result, you will listen too much distortion. On the other side, wood is soft and easy to absorb audio. To accomplish high quality audio, you need this glass material for audio racks.

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