Beach Home Decor and Its Detail to Enjoy the Beauty of Ocean

Beach is great place. The open space, brewing wind of ocean, and the perfect view always give great impression. Moreover, there is warm sunlight that gives better lighting and vibe in the house. That’s why there are many ideas of beach home decor. The decoration cannot be made simple. It should be special and there are some good ideas.

When talking about decoration, it cannot be separated from the existence of furniture. It plays important roles, and the room will never be comfortable without good furniture. For the decoration with beach as the main theme, wicker chairs are perfect option.

Then, there is interesting part in its flooring. It uses rug, and it is not just simple or classical rug, but use the striped pattern. There are stripes of bright colors, so they give cheerful and fresh look for the whole decoration. Moreover, it is also good to deal with sands brought by the feet. The sand will be disguised by the rug.

In term of room palette, the beach home decor has white as the dominant color. It makes the room so bright. Moreover, it gives sensation of spacious room. Well, the room has many windows, so the sunlight really brightens the whole room, and it is good point to obtain. The bright and clean look is also combined with the plant. You can put small flowers to give richer colors for the interior.

The color combination is also found in the throw pillows. The pillows have detailed picture with colorful palette. These make the room more cheerful as well. Although the room is painted in white, the rug and other details give fresher look. These points really give the great vibe of interior decoration. It is actually simple, but the beach home decor makes the room a perfect spot to enjoy the beauty of beach.

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