Beach Houses in a Touch of Modern Style

Tons of beach houses can be found easily in coastal area. Since ancient time, civilization started nearby the water sources, including the sea. After farming, people tried to explore the sea and ocean. Therefore, they needed to live in nearby that’s not far from sea. From small community, they evolved into village and tuned into city. Their house had unique design and style to adapt with environment. Modern style is the common one today as it’s capable to support their live for longer period.




Town or city with many beach houses has unique building and community planning. You can find two major categories for this building. They are the house where people live, sleep, eat, and stay. Another one is a house for certain purpose, such as holiday, vacation, safe house, or security. The first one is common house in modern era. As we know, the building for residential has specific rule to follow. For example, you will see building without basement, but designed to look like stage. There is small space under the first floor, but not completely underground. This area is for foundation to keep everything at the top floor. Therefore, beach house is in strong and solid ground to withstand any forces from outside.



The house design depends on climate and cultural background. If you live in tropical country, the house is designed to keep the wind through easily but still maintain the building strength and foundation. Moreover, the building uses material that’s easy to be adjusted. In that case, the building will use material that can be found in nearby area easily. It has the main purpose to maintain house even though regularly repaired. As you know, the common risk when living nearby sea is related to storm and big wave that comes from vast sea. In that case, beach houses have to be safe, but reliable enough to withstand the distress situation.

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