Bean Bag Toss as an Exciting Outdoor Game

Have you ever heard this bag-tossing game? Why is it called bean bag toss? Well, it is because the rule is tossing a bean bag into a hole. In some regions, it is also known as sack toss or baggo. However, people find that the word “cornhole” is more popular. The game is gaining popularity in United States just in short period of time. Even, many countries make an annual tournament of it.

The origin itself is quite ambiguous. Some say it was invented by a Germany farmer in 14th century. One day, he saw some boys throwing rocks into a hole. Then, the farmer decided to make similar game, but in safer way. Others declare it was from Kentucky, from Native Americans in Illinois, or even from Egyptians. Still, the history is unclear. The game is introduced by Heyliger de Windt in “Parlor Quoits” in 1883. He played it with a square hole instead of a round hole. He was the first person who uses bean bags and an upturned board with a hole.

Playing bean bag toss is easy. Two of four people will be divided into 2 teams. They must stand in a certain distance and throw the bean bags (or bags filled with plastic resin) into a raised board with a hole as the main target. When a bag is in the hole, the player gets 3 points. Meanwhile, if the bag is on the board, the player gets 1 point. This game is over when a team reaches the score of 21.

Both kids and adults find the game is interesting. The simple rule and refreshing outdoor scene is good for those who are feeling exhausted from work. For kids, it is good for their focus and happiness as well. So, are you interested in playing bean bag toss?

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