Bed Frame Definition and Its Types

Laying the mattress on the floor might be enough for sleeping. However, many people feel uncomfortable when sleeping in such position. To keep the mattress in steady position and slightly above the floor, you can use bed frame. It is the type of furniture with capability to hold mattress in order to prevent it moving around and still at steady position. The frame is made with several designs from simple to the complex style. Besides, the material is varied, such as wood, metal, iron, even plastic.

This frame has basic design that becomes necessary to put in order to hold the mattress in fix position. As you know, it contains boards at head, side, and lower sections. Each side is connected that becomes the key to keep mattress at all. The head board is mostly for direction where you put your head while sleeping. Manufacturers develop bedframe in two main categories. The first design is solid or fixed style where you need to assembly it then add the mattress later after the frame is ready. Another one is mattress and frame as the inseparable furniture. In that case, you get the bed frame attached directly to the mattress.

Moreover, wooden frame is the most common product since long time ago. People use wood to create the frame with basic design. It is also reliable to adjust with advanced design, such as additional canopy or extended side bed at left or right side that can be pulled out easily. Other materials are iron and metal that usually for retractable frame. At store, you can assembly this frame using manual book. Put the metal to another until all parts are ready. As alternative, certain producers use plastic for the frame.

Bed frame has standard size as well, based on mattress measurement. You can have several sizes, such as single, double, queen, and king ones. For wider and larger design like the king size, the frame has additional support at the center. It is useful to hold the extra weight while you sleep at the center.

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