Bed Frames with Compact Design and Extra Drawers

In your bedroom, you will need comfortable bed. To make the bed more durable, it is good to find high quality bed frames. In most cases, the bed or mattress usually comes with the frame, and it is already in a package. However, it is also possible to get each of them separately. If you already have bed, it is time to find good frame.

There are actually many kinds of frames in different sizes and designs. Therefore, you should have good recommendation of bed frame to choose. Choose one that looks simple and bold. In term of design, it has simple design with the color of white. The compact design becomes good point of the frame, and it is he benefit if you only have limited space for bedroom.

Inside the compact design, actually it is one of the multifunction bed frames. The frame is compact, yet it gives hidden storages. Under the bed, there are three drawers designed by the manufacturer, so it is good to make the space more efficient. The drawers are spacious enough to store pillows, blankets, or some clothes.

For the aspect of material, it uses woods. There are some types of wood used by the frame. Wooden material always becomes first option for indoor furniture. Moreover, it is also environment friendly since it can be recycled once the frame is no longer able to work properly. The drawers are also made of wood, but they are made with combination of material. Therefore, the drawers can be pulled out smoothly without making any noises.

By having all of these features, of course the frame becomes good option to take. It gives you good function of frame, and it also provides extra storage. The design of bed frames is compact and does not take too much space.

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