Best Choices for the Most Popular Bed Frame

Bed frame comes in various sizes. Among them, there are four most popular frames. Each of them has its own pros and cons. If you are still not sure to choose the suitable one, you can carefully consider it first by reading all the following explanation.

First, there is platform bed. It is the convenient and affordable choice as you will not need to spend more money to buy the box spring. On the cons side, this frame has low height, so it might not be a wise choice for people who have knee problems.

Secondly, there is upholstered bed frame. Having this type will definitely bring a luxurious look for your bedroom. This one also offers the undeniable comfort with its cushion support. However, it is important to keep good maintenance for the frame because the fabric is usually less durable. If you are lazy in cleaning it, the dust might also get trapped and cause bad effect for allergic people.

Third, you can have the storage frame. As the name suggest, it can help you in maximizing the purpose to give more space for keeping things. Even so, due to the extra parts of the storage it has, this type will need more effort to move. It also comes in a little higher price as it’s usually featured with more parts.

For the next option, you can try the sleigh bed. It has raised footboard and high back, just like a sleigh. The traditional design is made of solid wood. No wonder that it’s heavy to move, but the modern frame uses lighter material. For people who desired to bring unique look, this model will be perfect choice. To have this exceptional frame, it is obvious that you need to prepare a great deal of money since this bed frame is quite expensive.

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