Bohemian Bedding to Complete Your Beautiful Room Design

Are you looking for a new look for your room? Then, you should try bohemian bedding. According to the meaning, the style of the bedding is irregular in artistic way. Therefore, it is not the basic white sheet bedding like in a hotel. Following this, we will talk further about it.


As we know, the bohemian bedding that is also known as boho bedding is often arranged on double or king size bed with duvet system. Of course nowadays, the three sheet system is outdated and need the overwhelming treatment. The appearance is commonly quite messy because of the random objects in bold hues and patterns. The accessories are composed by a pair of pillows, cushions, sometimes a bolster, bed skirt, and a huge dream catcher above the bed head. Quilt is an alternative choice instead of placing duvet cover. Well, it is multi-layered fabric, consisting of wadding layer, a woven top, and woven back. People start to like this blanket-like cover rather than duvet cover owing to the heavy duvet inner.

The particular look is on the quilt, pillow, and cushion case, while the bed sheet has plain color. Most searched motifs are medallion, Moroccan, vibrant floral, and others that give a lush touch of bohemian. If you see in hotel, the quilt or duvet cover is folded and tucked between mattress and box spring. However, in this style, the quilt is spread and untucked. Just let it covering the mattress. Under the box spring, bohemianism habitually place ruffle chenille carpet.

Well on the bedside table, aside from bedside lamp, you can also find a pot of mini plant. For the conclusion, you do not need to think twice anymore. The vintage mood and various colorful pillows will never make you bored of adjusting bohemian bedding for your room.

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