Bohemian Design For Home Decoration

Bohemian or boho is interesting style when applied to home decoration. In general, bohemian design is related to the way people live in unconventional and unusual way. In past time, the artist and art worker had their way to express idea and applied to their way of life. They were different from regular people and embraced thing that only they could understand. This philosophy is what today called as Bohemian style for the design and decoration.

Any rooms with full pattern, wallpaper, distinct furniture, and attractive tile are what this style looks like. The concept is no empty space for idle mode. However, this style still puts value for functionality and purpose of the room itself. The only difference is the room will look crowded unless everything is arranged properly. Bohemian design starts from color on the wall and floor. Neutral colors, such as white are rare to put except for certain purpose. As the result, room will use colors, such as metallic, golden, and nature-based color. Besides plain coloring, some part of walls has pattern using wallpaper. It is easy to decorate bohemian into room without too much trouble with extra cost. You can change anytime to adjust with bohemian tendency you intend to do.

The room needs furniture and this is where style starts to look completely different. The chair and tables emphasize the unique style. At store, it is hard to find such furniture, and custom order is mostly the best choice at all. Each individual has creative mind, and the furniture represents their life work. That’s why furniture is mostly in second hand store with vintage design. It does not mean bohemian design is lack of contemporary and modern touch. On contrary, bohemian is always accustomed with any period, especially since people aware more about aesthetic side.

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