Compact Beds Design with Extra Space in the Drawer

There can be many kinds of furniture for the bedroom. However, it will never become complete bedroom when you have no beds. Even, the furniture has important roles to give good quality of sleeping. That’s why people always try hard to get good bed to give the best comfort. In case you are also looking for new bed, here is good reference for you.

If it is bed for your kids, it will be good option. Even, it can also be chosen for other kinds of bedroom. One of the interesting parts of the bed is the expandable bed in lower part of its frame. It is actually similar to the bunk bed, but it has no ladders. Moreover, the extra bed can be hidden when it is not needed since it is like a drawer with bed in it. Surely, it serves good function.

Then, the material of the beds also plays important roles for the comfort and room interior. It uses wooden material and all people will agree that woods are best for indoor furniture. It is also painted in the dark brown to show that it is wooden bed. There is no complicated detail carved on the wood. It is simple and compact design. On its frame, there is also a headboard.

The bed comes with good covers and bedding sets. The sets are colored in blue and white. There are details of stars as the pattern. That’s why this item is good option for kid bedroom. It provides two comfortable pillows in the package as well. Moreover, the compact design and its expandable extra bed are good to save the space in bedroom. The wooden frame and the construction give durability. These all give the best quality of beds to choose, and it does not give any disappointment.

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