Small office or room needs efficient arrangement, particularly for the furniture. This is where computer armoire becomes a reliable choice. Such furniture is big like wardrobe with closed door. When you open it, you will see some shelves for books, documents, monitor, mouse and pointer, and other office stuffs. That’s the basic design and style for this kind of armoire.


Moreover, armoire is practical furniture because it can be customized to be many purposes. For example, you use it to keep clothes, jewelry, even kitchen utensils. However, most people use it for TV, clothes, and computer. The latter usually acts as secluded office at home. You can get the desk, shelves, drawer, and cabinet in single furniture.



For computer, it has desk to hold the monitor. In past time, this desk was quite big because it’s still needed for classic display. Today, armoire reduces the desk area because of its thinner and lightweight display. You can put this monitor on the desk and start working on your project. At below section, the computer armoire has drawer for mouse and keyboard. After that, few compartments and cabinets are integrated directly under drawer or desk itself. If you still use the old computer with separated CPU, that compartment is a place to put CPU. Therefore, the desk is clean and no worry about CPU box anymore.


Designer can install sliding desk, but still attach it directly to armoire. The sliding design is useful to extend the desk functionality. When in front of computer, you need comfortable space while sitting. Your feet, knee, body, even arms have to lean and stay around the desk properly. It becomes uncomfortable when the desk is too rigid. Normally, the space under the desk is available but it will reduce the other sections. Instead of adding this space, sliding one is better. Computer armoire can turn that space for cabinet and compartment. After your work is done, you can push the desk section back to armoire then close the door.

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