Facts of the Hawaii Beach Homes

An amazing holiday in Hawaiian beach will not be complete if you did not spend your night in Hawaii beach homes. As the wind breeze calmly at the beach, spending your leisure time under the roof of Hawaii beach home while enjoying the cool tropical drink will bring a taste of paradise. With the unique shape, Hawaii beach house also has some facts which are important for you to know. Here they are.

Well, the home’s structure is used primarily to store or protect against the water. It is because Hawaiian mostly live outdoor and enjoying the activity in warm sunshine. The commoners live in a single house. Meanwhile, the chiefs usually live in complex houses that serve different purpose.

There are also some types of Hawaii beach homes. The grass or hale houses follow the basic construction of Polynesia’s pattern and framework that’s usually from wood consisting of ridge pole, purlins, and rafters. There is also horizontal support. It runs between vertical wall posts. to prevent rain or wind entering the houses, it uses thatching material that’s tied on the purlins. The material is usually pill grass, various grass, sugarcane leaves, pandanus leaves, or banana trunk fiber.

The last of Hawaiian house uses uki uki grass, which is made into braids. In addition, coconut fiber and le le are also used. To make this house, there is no nail used. A hale type usually has no window and completed with small door.

Moreover, the architect of Hawaiian houses is called poe kuhikuhi pu uone. They are usually the member of kahuna class who has knowledge of building. Besides Hawaiian houses, they also build irrigation system, fishponds, helau, and many more. Any of the projects are usually sponsored by the chief. Meanwhile, the construction of hawaii beach homes involves the help of the community.

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