Four Best Type of Benches

When decorating a park or outdoor area, a bench is definitely the one that you should not miss. There are many choices of park benches. To ease your job in choosing the best one, here are the top recommended four types of bench.

First, there is metal bench. It gives classic look, and the material also makes the bench have good durability. Some of the most commonly used materials are steel, aluminum, and wrought iron. On top of that, it also uses coating material to give further protection from rust or corrosion.

Second, there is sponsored type. Some people also call this as logo type. It has special purpose to advertise any company who pay or donate for a park. It is usually made from metallic or plastic and has easy installation. Besides, you can also find steel logo bench which use thermoplastic coating. As the result, it has better durability.

Next, there is wooden bench. This type will be a perfect choice if you want to go with natural look. The common material used to make the benches is a block of wood with good quality. It is specially chosen to serve for many decades. The most common used one is teak wood. It is already used for centuries. Some of the benches are painted, while the others are varnished.

Last, there is a recycled bench. If you are looking for perfect bench for eco-friendly surrounding, you can go with this type. Besides helping to conserve the environment, the bench also has good durability. Moreover, it also has weather resistant properties. Regarding the style, you do not need to worry. There are dozens choices of the colors and styles. Finding the perfect recycled benches will not be a hard thing to do. Last, you also do not need to put much effort to maintain the quality of this bench.

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