Giant Bean Bag and the Fillings for Comfortable Usage

Giant bean bag is the kind of bag-shaped cushion with immense size. This massive cushion is really huge and mostly has the size between 180 to 200 inches around. To get the best comfort of the immense cushion, make sure you know what type of filling should be inside the bag. Here are several options.

First is expanded polypropylene. This type of filling is very comfortable one. It does not give you the flat feeling when sitting on it. It is bouncy and allowing you to crush the cushion as hard as you can, but it will get back to its original shape right after that. It is just a perfect filling for giant bean bag. Next, there are polystyrene beads. Surely, a massive bean bag is meant to be used by adults or full-grown person. This big chair is also great for multiple users. That’s why polystyrene beads are the best filling. It allows the chair to move and shift easily on the inside, providing more comfort to anyone sitting on it.


Then, shredded foam is the most common filling of any cushion. However, for bean bag, this filling is probably the least common. Even so, there are still numerous products of bag-like cushion with shredded foam as its filling. This kind of filling is soft and fluffy but does not give the bouncing effect as a cushion should be.

Now, you know the best fillings for massive bean bag. Just make sure to choose which one you desire the most. Even though the most common filling is the polystyrene beads one, you do not have to choose it if you do not want to. There are still several other options when it comes to the fillings of giant bean bag. Choose anything that provides you with most comfort.

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