House Block Island with Several Designs and Interesting Decoration

House Block Island has various designs, but they mostly come with basic box-style. Moreover, the material is brick or concrete. The house is located in suburban area, even in rural where you can see the nature scenery easily. In each house, designers emphasize the unique decoration alongside the interior design to bring comfort and enjoy atmosphere in every room.

You can use the house for vacation. The basic design only has one floor including semi basement for additional space. The rooms consist of living room, bedroom, sitting room, kitchen, dining room, and bathroom. At exterior side, the house has enough front and backyard to let you roam anywhere, including attached the garage. The distance between one house and others is far, which means you can hold garden party at outdoor living. The interior uses modern style with the functionality in the top priority. Most houses are not for residential, but you may stay in this place as long as you want for longer period.

To advance the house design, two stories seem to be most favorable. Each room is large, especially the sitting room where owner can transform it into multifunction space, such as living room and dining room. You can have meal with family and friends. The House Block Island extends space with more than two bedrooms. One of them only has 5 bedrooms with varied size.

All houses use block style design that has several benefits. The material is strong that can withstand any distress situation. It has isolated cover to protect from cold, wind, rain, and snow. As you know, the concrete or brick is resistant to water, but the interior still needs to isolate. The temperature can decrease significantly to adjust with outdoor. This is common issue during winter, and that’s why the house has fireplace as auxiliary heating. Moreover, the House Block Island is less expensive in term of maintenance and repairing.

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