In fact, attic is part of a house that can be easily forgotten. It is located at the very top of the house. Nowadays, attic became a special part as several interior designers inspire a lot of people to make use of it as efficient as possible, whether as storage or even a kid’s bedroom. Thus, entrance to the attic has to be clear and not take up too much space. In this case, you can use the pull down attic stairs idea.


In addition, the pull down attic stairs connects the attic to the area below it. It is often created like ladder-shaped. The main function is to save as much space below the attic as possible, so activity circulation around it kept clear and efficient. House architect and builder tend to build a pull-able stair rather than one that stays at a certain spot. Moreover, attic stairs have to be strong enough since it will be used to carry up to an adult weight. Therefore, this type of attic stair is usually made of the strong type of wood, like maple or even metal, aluminum, and steel.

For your information, there are three main factors that need to be carefully planned down to build the perfect pull down attic stairs. These are the length, wide, and height of the stairs. These three factors should be applied in making attic stairs, according to the house owner’s needs. As we know, the length, wide and height of a manufacturer would be so much different from a family, as a manufacturer will be more likely to carry loads in and out the attic rather than a family. These three main factors will determine the attic stairs efficiency in every house. So, choose your attic stairs design carefully according to your needs.

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