Knowing More about Linen Bedding

Linen is fabric from flax that becomes material for several clothing, bedding, and towel. For linen bedding, you will get the thick fabric as blanket with soft contour, but thicker than cotton. You will know that bedding or blanket uses linen just by touching its surface. Soft contour comes from the tight threading and natural flax pattern. Moreover, it is thicker and more firmness when pressed directly, and becomes utmost thickness when in wet condition.


In general, people rely on linen since ancient time. Flax plant was common to grow in that time due to suitable environment and climate. The word linen itself comes from Greek ‘linum’ meaning flax plant and transformed to what today called as linen. As you can see, the material or clothing with this name has close line side by side in the tight arrangement. When compared between linen and cotton, one difference is related to firmness between one thread and another. Since linen is very tight, the cotton tends to be loosen and fragile.

People use linen bedding for several reasons due to its benefits. Firstly, it is good option to protect from cold weather during winter. The regular bedding might look heavier and thicker but the threads are not as tight as linen. On the other hand, linen can keep the heat and absorb the moist faster to prevent sweating and uncomfortable situation in the morning. Therefore, it generates warm when you cuddle inside the bed sheet.

Moreover, soft texture has benefit for children and baby. The linen has properties, such as antibacterial, cold resistant, high air permeability, and light massaging effect. The latter is the top consideration when putting linen as bedding for baby. Well, baby has sensitive skin that’s easily to get irritation. To protect from such situation, bedding is necessary with linen material, particularly during distress weather like winter and extreme cold. That’s why linen bedding becomes common thing in baby bedding stores.

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