The furniture, such as cabinet or wardrobe has different name for specific purpose. For example, people use jewelry armoire for storage that’s capable to keep many items in one place. Keep in mind that this kind furniture is not jewelry box that’s usually for ring, necklace, bracelet, or earrings. The box is for single item, but this armoire is bigger due to the vast capacity. Therefore, you can put your collection in single storage.



The armoire for jewelry is not new thing because it has been around since long time ago. In past time, people collected jewelry and valuable stones then put them in single furniture. This kind of storage uses wood as the core material alongside the safety lock. That’s why people started to call armoire for their jewelry storage. It is French word for armory that commonly for arms, ammunition, and weapons. Armory is located in military base or specific location that’s easy to access when turmoil or war comes. Just replace those arms with jewelry and you will get a place for valuable items. This term extends into small furniture and no longer a place.



Modern designs for jewelry armoire are more than furniture with cabinets and drawers. Designers make sure one place is enough for the entire collection. For such purpose, the exterior looks like one big cabinet with one door. When you open it, there are two sections because the door itself has layer and hooks. At one side, there are few layers for the rings, bracelets, necklace, and jewelry box. The rings are at the top then followed by long layer for the watch and jewelry box. For your information, the box is tiny and only for one type of jewelry that you don’t display. In the door side, you can find similar layer with additional hooks for necklace and bracelet. Meanwhile at below layers, jewelry armoire has secret cabinet for the most precious items.

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