Over the Bed Table with Good Function and Compact Design

Everyone wants to work comfortably wherever they are. Well, some people love to work at home, even at their bed. In fact, it is not impossible things to do. There are many kinds of furniture to help them in working on the bed. One of good furnishings is over the bed table. It is designed to give access for everyone to work on the bed easily.

As its name, the table is designed to give enough space for placing laptop and some stationaries. Basically, it looks like the hospital bed table, but it is designed for the personal function. Therefore, the design looks great for bedroom decoration. The table can work on the same width of bed, and it can be adjusted easily. Both height and width of table can be set easily, so it will work even for the king bed size.

In addition, over the bed table gives enough space since it has horizontal board that’s large and wide enough to place the laptop, stationary, and even a glass of coffee. On the bottom of each side, there are wheels that can be locked. It means people will be able to keep the position steady while they are working. When they want to remove it, it can be pushed easily.

The table has black color and it is made of metal. It gives simple and bold look. Moreover, the material gives good durability as well. The material also brings good suspension, so they are able to work comfortably even when they have some stuff on table. It can handle up to 350 pounds. All of these features give such great benefits for people who need flexibility and efficiency in working. By having over the bed table, working on the bed is possible, and it can be done easily.

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