Attic rooftop comes in many types to choose. Each of them has different pros and cons. Before picking the suitable one for your attic, it will be better to gain information as much as possible about a certain type which suits your preference. This article will specifically describe about the pros and cons of gable and curved roof only.



Let’s start with the most popular roof in the United States: gable roof. It has triangular shape which makes it recognized easily. On the pros side, it can shed the snow and water. The shape makes this roof able in providing more spaces for attic while giving more ventilation as well. The simple design also makes this roof easy to build. For the price, it is affordable. Meanwhile on the cons side, this attic rooftop might not perform well in hurricane areas. It can also collapse if the frames are not constructed properly.



On the other hand, curved roof is a good option for you who want to achieve aesthetically pleasing look of an attic. It is not only for the look, but it also provides fine shape inside your home. In fact, curved roof is designed by an architect (or a builder). Therefore, you can customize it and still get the advantage despite the region where you built a home. If you live in windy areas, you can make it in lower slope as it will give longer durability. Meanwhile, if you live in the area with more snow and rain, you can get arch more, so the water will runoff. On the cons side, the price for this roof might be higher based on its complexity.


Those are the review of gable and curved roof. Each of them has different sides with both benefits and lacks. Hopefully, it can give you more information to consider which type of attic rooftop you have to choose.


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