Room in a Box as Modern Option for Planning Interior Decoration

A Room in a box is a new method and concept in the real estate and housing business, especially in the field of interior design and decoration. This term refers to a planning activity of a room carried out by the buyer or homeowner by utilizing digital technology. Basically, the software will display a box that represents the room to be designed. That’s where the name comes from. Therefore, this activity is also known as e-Design.


In planning the room digitally, the requesting party can choose to do the overall planning or only partially. Usually, the developer will offer several options for the part to be planned. These options vary and can be different for each developer. It is not uncommon to find a variety of packages provided by developers, ranging from the overall design to the design per section such as floor and floor with furniture without ceilings. That way, room in a box service user can choose the planning concept according to their wishes and budget.

The types of furniture offered are very varied. Logically, the bigger a developer company, the more variety can be provided. This variation can be seen from the type of floor, type of furniture and type of ceiling and ornaments offered. However, there are also types of developers who specialize in providing one particular type and style of each product. For example, an e-Design service provider that specifically provides vintage-style furniture from the floor to the ceiling. This not only facilitates users, but also makes it easier for companies to not spend too much capital on so many items.

The e-Design concept will usually end with a deal between the user and the developer. At this stage, users have finished designing the space they want according to their wishes. Finally, the provider will send a package containing customer orders so that they can realize their planning into reality. Interested in trying Room in a box?

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