Several Types of Bed Sheet for Bedding

Mattress and bed sheet are two things that people need to consider when arranging their bedding. The mattress uses cover to protect from direct touch with occupant. However, it is still not enough, and this is where you require putting additional sheet to cover. This kind of sheet is extra cover to make sure you feel comfortable while sleeping. It has several categories to add, adjust, and fit based on your personal preference.

This sheet has rectangle size with plain layer and smooth contour. If it is the cover for bed, you can call it as bottom sheet. It has two types, fitted and flat sheets. Both have different construction, but the same function. Fitted sheet is where you tuck and keep the mattress out of moving around when you are at the top of it. Manufacturers provide two options for fitted sheet. The first product is like big pocket, and the common option is plain fit with elastic around at each corner. If the bottom sheet is not enough, you need additional bed sheet at the top. This option is mostly similar to comforter or blanket. In tropical countries, people do not put this one, unless it’s necessary for extra protection from cold weather.

In general, sleeping without sheet is not an issue. However, you will destroy the mattress with the sweat and moist. This is the main reason why people put extra cover as the sheet on the top of mattress. For such purpose, the material has to be strong, reliable, durable, and capable to prevent bacteria. Cotton and polyester are common materials to find as this sheet. The others are silk, linen, and wool.  Well, bed sheet is functional when you need new decoration. You do not need to change the entire mattress, but only new cover. That’s what you need to know about this kind of sheet for bedding.

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