Small Bathroom Ideas for Small Housing Solution

With the development of concept of a minimalist home, small bathroom ideas have become something that is often sought after by residents of minimalist homes. Well, bathroom is one of the small rooms which is most in demand for creative ideas. This might be because the bathroom is a room that will be used by all those who come to visit the house. There are a number of ideas that can be used to overcome it.

The first is utilizing units placed on the wall. The use of bathroom walls can be maximized with furniture. An example is putting a hanging counter, which the front side can be used as mirror. With this, a lot more space can be saved since there is no need to fill the bathroom floor for a table.

Next part of small bathroom ideas is to use bright colors as the base tone of bathroom wall. As many people already know, bright colors will create a broad impression on a room. For this reason, colors such as turquoise, coral, and pastel tones can be chosen. In addition, wallpaper with bright colors can be used if you don’t like plain walls.

The next idea is to play a little trick to the eye. Usually, different tiles are used for floors and walls, right? Well, this time try using the type and color of tiles that are exactly the same between the floor and the wall. This way, the eye will be made suggestive that it is as if the size of the bathroom used is bigger than it should be.

The last idea is the most basic. This idea can be considered when making a bathroom. Consider the location of the channels in the bathroom, whether it’s the shower channel, toilet, or sink. With a wise and precise arrangement, there will be no overlap between one item and another in the bathroom. Those are some small bathroom ideas for you.

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