The Advantages of Twin Bed Frame

If the queen is usually matched with the king bed, then the full bed is in match with the twin bed frame. Actually, they have the same length. The width of full bed is 54 inches and the twin bed’s width is 39 inches. The twin frame is indeed narrower than the full bed. Therefore, it will not be convenient if you use this bed for two people. Even so, the measurement is not that exact, as you can also find twin beds with additional five inches for the length. They are usually in the extra-long or the XL versions.



The twin is usually chosen for children. It is often found in the bunk beds. Even so, the usage is not limited only for that age. Teenagers or even university students can also use this type of frame for their small room. Regarding the price, the twin bed is a good choice for you who wished to be able in saving money. In common stock, the twin bed frame, usually has slight lower price than the full beds; no matter whether it is the sheets, mattresses, or the frames



There are also more reasons of why people love this twin frame. With not too heavy material, this frame is easy to move. Compared to any other bedding options, this twin frame comes in more flexible move and less burdensome. For your information, twin frame is designed for only one person. If you insist to use it for two people, it will uncomfortable and impractical.


From time to time, the twin bed gains its popularity among the world. Even though there are many other types, this one keep sitting in the second rank of the most popular bed based on a survey. The first rank is achieved by the queen bed. Therefore, you do not need to hesitate for more, as many people also consider this twin bed frame as a good choice.

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