The Book Shelf Types to Decorate Your Room

Book shelf is one of the most important things in a house. Nowadays, there are many styles and designs available for bookcases. Any materials are also available, from glass, wood, metal, or even plastic. Each type of bookcase has different characteristic and may give you different benefits. Here are more explanation about it.

First, let’s get to know the barrister bookcases. At first, this type is designed for barrister. It is originated in England. It is made as barristers that usually had many books, and it is such a problem for them to move to new chambers. It has unique stackable design. There are separate doors hinged on top of its shelf. This property allows you to keep your items safely, such as books or treasures. It can hold them.

Secondly, there is modular book shelf. The unique part of this type is, it can be stacked either horizontally or vertically. The modular part of this style can be cubes. It can snap or slide and create tall vertical look or even low horizontal look. This style usually comes in white or pastel colors, and it is mostly bright. For the finishing touch, it is usually in black, white, metal, and wood look.

Third, there is revolving and corner bookcase. If you are looking for a space saving bookcase, this one is the best choice. Besides, this style is also sleek and very eye catching. You can place it in any unused area in the corner. Use it as a display place for books or even your treasures.

Last, there is ladder and leaning bookcase. This style comes in two options, the freestanding and the leaning type. Usually, the ladder has triangular shape and four feet to add the stability. Meanwhile, the leaning book shelf type usually has rubber footing to prevent it from sliding.

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