The Box Room for Various Utilizations

The room is named based on its size, function, and type. At home, you can have bedroom with enough space to put bedroom sets. However, some houses or apartments are not enough to obtain additional room. For such purpose, homeowners use available space to create small area called box room. In general, it is a space with small size that looks like big box attached.

The example of this room is closet for your clothes. It is a part of bedroom using separated section to distinguish between one space and another. If you take out all clothes, the empty room looks like small storage and box style area. This is where box room does not have anything. Well, closet is the most common function to put this kind of room in good usage. Other options are bedroom, office, and storage. Due to limited space, bedroom only has small mattress for single person and few furnishings attached on the wall. You can sleep under floating shelves that are reachable via hands to get your things. Tight bedroom is mostly for children because parents cannot expand the house. Instead of building new room, they put separation in one bedroom to be two areas.

Another function is for office to work. The room is enough to put the desk, chair, few shelves, cabinet, drawer, and additional appliances. You can use removable separation for this room to make easy access between one spot and another. It is like cubicle office, but you are isolated from the floor through ceiling ultimately. With flexible separation, the office can manage to adjust how much small space to install. One large floor can be separated into several small areas. Installing fixed partition takes much money, and it is not quite functional. As solution, box room will be available based on what company or office needs. That’s what you need to know about this type of room.

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