The Characteristics of Bohemian Bedroom

Bohemian bedroom has distinctive characteristic with wonderful and heavenly look. Bohemian style can be achieved through choosing the right properties in a room. The small details are also important to make the room with relaxing bohemian touch. There are many elements to represent bohemian style. Here they are.

First, it is the color. Almost all bohemian styles use the muted tones. They tend to give soothing feeling in the air. It is no wonder that many bohemian bedrooms uses neutral bedding and quilts. In that way, there is freedom to choose the color for cushions. Using a pop of color, it will be easy to make the room comes out livelier.

Second, layering things up is also a characteristic of bohemian bedroom look. The most used item for it is a rug. The iconic one is the Moroccan rug. It is a good reference of beauty and artistic craft. For more, you can also achieve layer up look from furniture, not only textile. One sample of it is the use of chair or bench. The furniture can give the space character as well as the depth in room.

Third, bohemian room always had many things to display. It can be any treasures of the owner. Some of the most used items are flower, candle, and book. Curate the collection is a good doing, as it can avoid clutter. Just give a few touches and these treasures will make the room cozier.

Last, the vocal point of a bedroom is usually the bed. Bohemian look also focus on this point. The headboard is often used to maximize the bohemian look. For example is by hanging a tapestry. It can make visual interest. The beauty of bohemian style uses wooden furnishing bed, rope and rattan headboards. Using these ideas will definitely create a lush bohemian bedroom.

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