Armoire is the furniture product that’s categorized as standing cabinet. It has a function to be used as a storage space for some goods, such as clothing. Like cabinet in general, it is equipped with the door and lock as well. From the overall concept, armoire is antique furniture with classic design. This elegant cabinet is a perfect and practical addition for your bedroom. Actually, it is the high quality product because it is made of hardwood. It offers a simple and versatile look to be matched with any interior decorations.



The origin of this furniture is from a small box that’s often used to store stuffs and also clothing. In medieval times, the small closet would only be found in a castle room or palace. Originally, it was also just a wall-mounted locker as storage space. From time to time, the locker becomes an armoire which has the main function to store the clothes more neatly by having the shelves inside. There is also space devoted to hanging the clothes. Now, in this new era, the designs are already varied. As we know, the current models offer many benefits to store the stuffs in more practical and efficient way.



You can also find armoire in various styles and colors. Besides functional, this furniture is usually used as a focal point of the room since the model is very unique. It is different from common wardrobe at all. Well, those are some details from this furniture. You might have one at home. To own it in a long time, make sure you give the proper treatment and maintenance since the basic material is wood. Just protect it from direct sunlight and extreme temperature. If you want to clean it, do not use the abrasive cleaner, chemical or wax. Rubbing with soft cloth and water is enough.

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