Rack becomes practical place to put the audio and video devices. Many professionals use this rack to manage and arrange the speakers and media player properly. Some racks have small wheels and can be modified to adjust with individual needs and preference. The simple design with top grade material is the reason to rely on audio video rack. In addition, the rack has the function to put both audio and video devices in single place.


Well, the rack consists of multiple layers to hold the devices. Simple rack is like a box without additional layers between the top and below part. You only put the speaker and other tools inside directly. This is usually for home theater and directly integrated to the monitor, usually television. To expand the functionality, new rack has more shelves with different gap each other. The shelves for audio are usually at below section, and the rest at top will be for video devices. Audio video rack separates both devices to manage easily. Many devices have dual functions which mean they can play the audio and video at the same time. In that case, the rack for speaker is separated from media player.


The rack usually doesn’t have closed separator and door. You can see it from the front, back, left, and right sides. It helps to expand audio wave movement if the rack is in center of the room. On the other side, certain racks require to isolate the back area and hold audio movement. It is usually in the event or room where he sound comes from corner.


Other features are wire port, tinted glass shelves, removable shelves, and safety cover. Wire port is useful feature to keep the cable or wire from the device in proper arrangement. Most audio players and speakers still rely on cable because it’s very stable when generating sound. The safety cover is necessary for audio video rack as well to protect the electronic appliance from outside harm.

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