The Importance of Baby Bath Tub for Baby’s Comfort

A baby bath tub is very necessary to bathe a newborn baby. This bathtub is made with various shapes and models. The differences will affect the comfort of baby when bathed. Therefore, it is important to understand the type of bathtub as a whole, so nothing unexpected happens to the baby. Some types of bathtub are the standing floor type, air type, and mattress type.

Everything will be discussed starting from the standing floor type. This one is the favorite model. It is preferred because it can support the stability of the baby when bathed. The interesting thing is, this type of bathtub is also multifunctional. It can also be used as a sink to wash baby’s dirty clothes. The weakness of standing floor type baby bath tub is that the material is made of plastic and is large in size, making it a little difficult to store.

Next is the air type bath. This tub was developed with the concept of an inflatable material, which needed an air pump to make it expand. When it has expanded, this tub can be filled with water for later use. The advantage is, when it has been used, the air inside can be pressed out. Automatically, this tub will shrink. This makes this bathtub easy to store.

The last type is mattress type bath. This tub can be used in the sink. As the name suggests, this tub is made of waterproof mattress. The advantage compared to other types of bathtubs is, this tub can still be used as a mattress after bathing the baby to lay it down. It would be very convenient to change baby clothes after taking a shower. In addition, the advantages are foldable so that it is easy to store. Well, after knowing it all, choose the baby bath tub wisely according to your needs.

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