Watching TV becomes a common activity. People started to produce specific furniture to hold TV, and TV armoire is what they need. In simple term, this furniture is like a big compartment or wardrobe with the desk layer for TV. You can put it in living room and you do not need any TV stand. As the furniture, there are few layers, shelves, drawers, and compartment. You can keep the books, magazines, DVD players, and speaker next to the TV.



At store, many designs are available for this furniture. In general, they have the same basic design and function. Keep in mind that armoire will cover the entire TV because you put on it, not at the top as desk. This is the main difference between TV stands, cabinet, and armoire. The area for TV is usually at the center with one layer as the desk and enough space to keep the TV at certain size. This is important to consider the monitor size before buying this kind or armoire.



The decent armoire will have three main layers. At the top, it is usually shelf for books or installation section. As you know, television requires electricity and other cables to connect it into various devices. The top shelf is good choice because it’s easy to reach and safer from children. The TV will be in the middle part, and people do not need to raise their head. At below section, TV armoire has drawer or compartment for DVD player or other devices.



Two common types of this armoire are with or without the door. If the armoire has the door, you can close and store the TV inside. It helps to protect it from unwanted situation. On the other side, armoire without the door is common and people mostly put it in family room area. It is the main furniture to enjoy entertainment session with family and friends. To fulfill both functions, manufacturers produce TV armoire with detachable door as well.

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