The Queen Bed Frame Size, Pros and Caons

When searching for a big size place to sleep, people usually find it hard to choose king or queen bed frame. Well, both of them are surely can give you comfort and pleasure for sleeping during the night. However, a little bit difference is important to know from these types. Here they are.

Now, let’s take a look from the size. The queen is big, but the king size is bigger. The queen is in 153cm x 203 cm. Meanwhile, the king is in 183cm x 203 cm. Both of them have the same length, only the wide is different. Therefore, for you who live with couple, it may be better to choose the queen frame as you will have more space to share.

Having a queen bed frame can give some benefits as well. First, it is the price compared to the king; the queen comes in more affordable prices. Even so, it does not mean the queen size is always in worse quality. Do not mind the downsizing. There are many comfortable mattresses available with reasonable price for the queen type.

The second benefit is related to the space in your bedroom. If your room is small or medium, the frame will give a better proportion. With it, you are still able to make the furniture or floor stand out. On the other hand, if you insist to use the king bed, it can give too big look for a bed with only medium size.

The queen frame however, also has some disadvantage. This type is not a good choice for a fidgety sleeper. Even though previously it is mentioned that queen size is suitable for couples, you need to make sure whether it can comfort both of you or not. Some people even said the queen bed frame seems too cramped for them.

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