The Types and Designs of Bed Sheet Sets

Sheet is common for bedding in order to keep your warm and comfortable. At store, bed sheet sets consist of several options. This kind of sheet is to protect mattress from external force and harm. In general, the mattress is enough even though the cover is not attached. Unfortunately, this condition reduces mattress durability and longevity. Sweat, moist, liquid, water, debris, dirt, fungi, and bacteria easily infect and spread through the entire mattress area. This is where the bed sheet will keep those harm compounds out of mattress. The sheet has to be water resistant, antibacterial, smooth, and easily to attach on the mattress.

Several products are available when purchasing bed sheet sets. You get the bottom and front sheets, alongside the fitted or flat one. The sheet to cover mattress directly is commonly called as bottom sheet. The material is soft and smooth, especially for direct skin touch. Furthermore, baby and children need the bottom sheet in their bedding.

Flat and fitted sheets are subcategory from bottom one. Flat means the size is rectangular that’s similar to blanket. You only put it on top on mattress, but it is easily distracted to keep the mattress in check. On the other hand, fitted is bed cover like pocket or having the elastic edge. It keeps mattress from moving around. The top sheet is additional cover if you don’t like having comforter. It is placed after the bottom sheet, and mostly a flat one.

In addition, bed sheet uses several materials, such as linen, silk, cotton, and polyester. Linen is fabric that comes from fiber on flax plant. It is solid and capable to absorb the moist easily. The common bed sheet sets utilize cotton, polyester, or hybrid material. Cotton is reliable material with strong protection feature. With polyester, new material is created and called hybrid. It combines both benefits, especially the cheap cost.

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