Three Kinds of Bed Side Table to Use at Home

Bed side table can be defined as a type of small to medium-sized table placed right next to a bed. The table has many functions, including putting on bedside lamps, alarm clock, books, or other things. If you want to have this kind of table in the near future, you need to understand the types of it. Here is the information about it for you.

First is nightstand. It is like a very small table with the same design and color tone as the main bed frame. It is usually sold together along with the bed. The usage of a nightstand is more like a companion for the bed. It is quite small so it does not really have enough space to keep anything on top of it.

Next, there is simple bed side table. It is just a regular table but in smaller size. It has its surface and four legs supporting it. The usage of this bed side table is mostly for decoration. It does not have any storage or compartments to keep stuff. They are usually there next to the bed as the place to put on bedside lamps or flower vase only.

In addition, a table next to the bed is going to be great when it has storage feature in it. It will allow you to keep important stuff close by when you are sleeping. Basically, the table has a decorative function, too, making you can reach important stuff without having to getting off the bed. They can all be placed on the table. 

For those who want to have the complete bed right next to the bed, choosing the table with storage is a great option. However, if they do not think that storage is necessary, they can choose the simple bed side table with nothing but a surface instead.

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