Two Types of Beach Home You Can Choose for Holiday

When spending your holiday at the beach, what you need is indeed a peaceful stay in beach homes. In fact, there are many types of home you can choose as a staying place. To make sure you choose the right one, it will be better if you gain enough understanding about the types first. If you do not have any idea or still confused about it, here is the brief information about this kind of home.

The first one is stilt, platform, and pier beach home. The home for this type has a structure, which built on steep sloping terrain. It is usually located near water as it has the challenge for the architect. Regarding the location, this house is also completed with protection against the large waves or high tides. It is usually built around 8 up to 15 feet above the lowest level. The state building of this beach homes can vary. It depends on the precise height. Before the workers begin construction, they make a platform from certain materials, such as steel I-beam. It also includes pillars, frames, timber piles, and posts. You can find this kind of home in Galveston Island and Texas.

For another option, you can also try the luxury beach house. It has complete features, such as swimming pools and garden. Moreover, there are so many rooms available for all of your family members. This kind of houses usually spread out horizontally. Meanwhile, the rising is above two stories. Staying in this home will definitely bring pleasure as you will also enjoy comfortable bed, and no need to worry about breakfast. However, as the name suggest, this homes will also cost you a little bit higher cost. Therefore, prepare the budget first if you wish to stay in this type of beach homes.

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