Understanding Bath Tub and Its Common Types

As we know, bath tub is basically a large container installed inside a bathroom to soak someone during bathing time. This bathroom fixture is common to be found in most bathrooms across the nation. There are quite a lot of types of this tub for bathing, some of them can be found down below. Just read the explanation carefully, so you can understand each type of the tub with ease.


Well, the first type of the tub to be talked about here is the free standing style. This tub for relaxation is quite lighter compared with other type, obviously because this bathing container is meant to be moved around the bathroom, even outside. That is why they are very versatile and fun to use.

In addition, the next type of bath tub is the alcove one. This is probably the most common type of tub you can find around the neighborhood. Alcove-styled tub is installed on an enclosure with three walls surface. The unfortunate thing about the tub is that it is always shallow, giving you less space to move around.

Next, there is drop-in bath tub that’s like the free standing one but with fixed fixture to prevent the tub from moving around from the bathroom. For your information, the tub is commonly placed in the middle of bathroom, giving it an access to look like someone has just dropped in from sky high and it falls through the rain.

 It is now clear that there are several different types of bathing tub. Make sure you know which one of them to use at home. All those types mentioned above are readily available in home and furniture stores. Every bathroom has different designs and style, giving you the opportunity to fit in a suitable bath tub inside of it.


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