Understanding Bathtubs and Their Properties

Bathtubs are the containers to keep the water in order to do bathing. They come in various sizes. In modern life, this thing refers to furniture specifically to clean and bathe while sitting inside it. You need to climb over or step indirectly to get into the tub. It has tap or faucet mounted at the top for water supply. The design and material are varied but the main function is similar each other. That’s what the tub supposed to be. To produce this product, manufacturers use some materials, such as reinforced polyester, thermoformed acrylic, porcelain steel, and porcelain cast iron. It can be built based on concrete, ceramic tile, and wood. The latter is the oldest known material for bathing tub since ancient civilization.

In old time, only rich or noble people could afford to install this thing in their bathroom. It was exclusive and considered as expensive item. After several developments, manufacturers were capable to reduce the cost and brought new material with cheap cost. Today, having bathtub at home is not luxury thing as long as bathroom you have enough space to install. It is available as a part of bathroom or separated installation. The first option is the tub attached or mounted to the wall and floor consecutively. You cannot remove these bathtubs. On the other side, separated tub is like the basket where you can move around easily to adjust with bathroom decoration.

Several models are available at store to fulfill the demand in bathing session. They are clawfoot tub, baby bathtub, pedestal tub, walk-in bathtub, baby tub, hot tub, freestand tub, etc. Each has specific design and function for certain condition. For example, baby bathtub comes in small size and for baby only. In East Asia countries, using tub is common way to clean body. In fact, they have their own style and design for bathtubs that have been around since long time ago.

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