Walk In Bathtub and Its Functionality

You may be familiar with bathtub in regular design. This thing is mostly found in bathroom as integrated part or separated furniture for bathing. Several models are available, and one of them is called walk in bathtub. It has unique design because it’s mostly attached to the wall and has tipped door to enter. Regular bathtub needs to step over while the tub already has water. On the other hand, this tub uses door to let person passes inside and seal tightly before pouring water. It is also called accessible bathtub as it is common in hospital for treatment or relaxed spa.

This kind of bathtub is usually attached to the wall in the edge of bathroom. You need to do precise planning before installation. There are two ways for the tub door with different direction. You can have inward or outward door mode that has pros and cons. Inward means you push the door and swing it by to the inside part of bathtub. For outward, you need to pull the door and step inside then seal it from outer area. The first door mode is much recommended because the water pressure will hold from inner section. It protects from unnecessary leak and breach directly due to excess pressure. For outer sealing, onward door is much practical when you need to step outside or inside directly. Both are the options commonly available for walk in bathtub.

The next thing is installation that’s different from regular one. This kind of bathtub is useful for impairment or disability people who need specific tub. It can be modified with sliding, pedestal, and safety gear to support their condition, especially for wheelchair user. One critical issue during installation is sealing area between the door and inner section. Leak is a common issue when sealing is no longer capable to hold the door properly. It happens when you use walk in bathtub extensively.

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